Kusum Law Firm

Senior Legal Assistant

Suresh Bhandari

Overview And Experience

Suresh Bhandari - Senior Legal Assistant

Mr. Suresh Bhandari is an integral member of the Kusum Law Firm who initiates all legal proceedings. Participates actively in-process monitoring, client satisfaction, and follow-ups. He actively and competently assists the other members of the firm with a variety of legal administration tasks. 

Mr. Suresh is the first point of contact for clients and is responsible for public relations with government administrative agencies and customer relations with clients to guarantee that our client’s demands are met and the desired outcome is achieved.

He prepares professional documentation for both legal matters requiring court registration and corporate matters requiring submission to various government departments for company registration, Intellectual Property registration, and cottage industry registration, including obtaining a P.A.N. number.

Mr. Suresh is responsible for following up on matters handled on behalf of clients by Kusum Law Firm.

Phone Number:

+977 9841254209