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Constitutional Rights

In today’s turbulent political climate, it is more important than ever that we protect the rights and liberties of all people, within the umbrella of the constitution of Nepal.
This statute ensures that rights and liberties cannot be taken away. It would also guarantee equal protection for all Nepalese citizens.
And our firm’s priority is to protect your constitutional rights from any kind of discrimination, infringement, abuse by police, excessive force, freedom of speech violations, wrongful arrest and false imprisonment, and voting rights violations.
Have you had your rights violated recently or wondered what these rights mean?
Join us for a 1-hour conversation on the fundamentals of our constitutional rights and how they’re applied today.

"We The People Are The Rightful Master Of Both Congress And The Courts, Not To Overthrow The Constitution But To Overthrow The Men Who Pervert The Constitution”

– Abraham Lincoln

grants 31 essential rights:

The Nepalese constitutional rights

1. Right to live with Dignity
2. Right to Freedom
3. Right to Equality
4. Right to Communication
5. Right relating to Justice
6. Right of a Victim of a Crime
7. Right against Torture
8. Right against Preventive Detention
9. Right against Untouchability and Discrimination
10. Right relating to Property
11. Right to Religious Freedom
12. Right to Information
13. Right to Privacy
14. Right against Exploitation
15. Right to Clean Environment
16. Right to Education
17. Right to Language and Culture
18. Right to Employment
19. Right to Labor
20. Right to Health
21. Right to Food
22. Right to Shelter
23. Right of Women
24. Right of Children
25. Right of Dalit
26. Right to Senior Citizen
27. Right to Social Justice
28. Right to Social Security
29. Right to Consumer
30. Right against Banishment
31. Right to Constitutional Remedies

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