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Merger & Acquisition

The most difficult mergers and acquisitions in today’s world are generally the results of the convergence of legal and financial issues. The majority of additional value comes from due diligence, which focuses mostly on legal issues. Thus, it is of no surprise to see law firms featured on the list of Merger & Acquisition intermediaries.

In Nepal, the private limited company is the most engaged corporate organization for private acquisitions. Individual investors, foreign corporations, and public limited companies all participate in private acquisitions regularly as buyers and sellers.

Similarly, M&A activity among banks and financial organizations has surged in recent years in Nepal. Acquisitions and mergers are a relatively new concept in Nepali banking and financial sectors (BFIs). Nepal Rastra Bank adopted the Merger By-law 2068 (B.S) based on Article 177 of the Company Act 2063 (B.S) and Articles 68 and 69 of the BAFIA 2063 (B.S) and pushed all Banking and Financial Institutions to consolidate.

Additionally, mergers & Acquisition transactions have also increased steadily in the hydropower, telecommunications, insurance, hotel, and manufacturing sectors.

Over the last decade, Kusum Law Firm has assisted various clients in mergers & acquisitions and has offered a distinctive set of capabilities for complex and significant transactions.

Kusum Law Firm we serve our clients in mergers & Acquisition in the following ways:

• We understand our clients’ industries and structure transactions to address critical business concerns, ensuring seamless execution across practices and geographies.

• Clients are guided through significant legal discrepancies not only within Nepal but also in cross-border transactions throughout the deal-making process

• We support the board of directors as a strategic partner in managing difficult business decisions, reacting to activist shareholders, and evaluating corporate governance systems.

• We offer skilled, on-the-ground assistance to our clients regardless of their location—we have large M&A resources in major financial and commercial hubs.

“We Get Talent And Scale From Mergers”

 – Angela Braly

Service we offer to
our clients include:

• Merger control and competition law.
• Banking and finance, including structured trade and commodities finance, and sustainable finance
• Insolvency, including international insolvency, bankruptcy, and reorganization
• Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and securities, which encompasses corporate governance, franchising, insurance, and private equity and venture capital.
• Information governance, data privacy, and cybersecurity, as well as risk management and information technology
• Patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and brands are all examples of IP.
• Class actions, construction and engineering, international arbitration and ADR, product liability, and professional negligence.
• Projects, including agency and loan finance; energy and infrastructure mergers and acquisitions; and PPPs.
• Sanctions, export restrictions, regulation, enforcement, government relations and public policy, WTO trade tariffs, etc.

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