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Real Estate

The real estate sector is expanding in terms of complexity and sophistication. Investors, businesses, asset, and fund managers, and financial institutions all seek a legal team that can provide daily strategic transactional assistance in the real estate market.

It’s not always obvious to a buyer or sellers that they need a real estate lawyer when they buy or sell a property. But often, especially in certain markets, the complexity of the transaction requires an attorney. A good lawyer will be an expert in the laws surrounding your transaction and will know the best way to protect you and your interests.

Kusum Law Firm provides services for Real Estate matters with the expertise, talent, and range of resources necessary to provide high-quality assistance to the real estate sector and its stakeholders, wherever and whenever they may require it.

Legal problems in real estate are common, but often difficult to address. This is because the law is constantly changing and regulation varies. To provide legal solutions for real estate matters, we have top real estate lawyers who have experience in a wide range of tasks including:

• Real estate acquisitions and dispositions
• Lands used for agriculture, including food and agribusiness
• Leasing of commercial and industrial properties
• Litigation and conflict

“Real Estate is The Closest Thing To The Proverbial Pot Of Gold”

– Ada Louise Huxtable

How We
Can Help?

One can see how our law firms help in taxation by looking at the services we offer to you.

Our Law firm assists clients with tax audits, tax returns, and tax planning.

– Tax audits are when an auditor examines a company’s records for any discrepancies or inconsistencies.

– Tax returns are when an accountant calculates the income from one or more entities and determines what resources will be owed based on those calculations.

– Tax planning is the process of examining the best ways to manage one’s taxes to reduce them and minimize potential problems with taxation authorities in the future.

We also offer advice on how to set up a business properly by examining what type of entity it should be. We offer the opportunity for individuals and businesses to consult with professionals about the potential tax implications of their transactions. This is a sector of law that does not require technical knowledge but it does require expertise in accounting and law.

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