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Energy, Infrastructure, and Resources

The law of energy and infrastructure is a hybrid of exclusions and exemptions, which the legislature has created for the various industries involved in the energy and infrastructure sector.

In doing so, the legislature has created both a utilitarian regulatory framework to promote economic activity and to protect society from undesirable consequences of such activities.

Energy and Infrastructure law is a field of law that regulates our society’s infrastructure. This includes the power grid, pipelines, hospitals, colleges and universities, water supply systems, and other types of infrastructure that maintain public health and safety.

Energy and Infrastructure lawyers operate in a complex world of regulation and are often involved in the development and acquisition of energy projects where the aim is to provide efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective sources of energy to their communities.

Many regulatory steps must be taken into account when a new project is developed by an energy or infrastructure law firm. For instance, the regulatory process can vary depending on the type of project being developed from environmental analysis to an environmental impact statement.

Our energy, infrastructure, and natural resources attorneys have led numerous landmark energy and infrastructure transactions, including innovative and first-to-market transactions in a variety of sectors, including oil and gas, hydropower, other power and utilities, renewables, water, roads, commodities, construction and engineering, food and agri-business sectors, etc.

“A Nation That Can’t Control Its Energy Sources Can’t Control Its Future”

– Barrack Obama