Kusum Law Firm

Senior Advocate / Legal Associate

Sahana Shrestha

Overview And Experience

Mrs. Sahana Shrestha is currently a Senior Advocate with Kusum Law Firm. Previously, she served as a member of the Executive Community of the Supreme Court Bar Association, and she was also the secretariat for the Supreme Court.

Her list of academic credentials includes the following:

-Bachelor of Education from Tribhuvan University in 2052 B.S.
-Diploma in Law from Tribhuvan University in B.S. 2039
-Tribhuvan University’s Certificate Program – 2035.

Mrs. Shrestha has devoted her legal expertise and experience to the Kusum Law Firm, where she specializes in Family Law. Her additional areas of expertise include creating legal opinions, disputing legal documents, and preparing legal pleadings. She has a commanding courtroom appearance and persuasive arguments, and she is sincerely devoted towards safeguarding of women’s rights.

Phone Number:

+977 9841268787