Kusum Law Firm

Office Assistant

Ramesh Bhandari

Overview And Experience

Ramesh Bhandari - Office Assistant

Mr. Ramesh Bhandari is a general office assistant within the firm, ably assisting other members of the firm in various ways. Apart from this, he is particularly involved in procurement and client collections.

Mr. Ramesh is responsible for clerical duties, such as sorting and sending mail. He ensures that the office supply inventory is appropriately maintained and orders additional items as required to keep the workplace neat and well-equipped for the firm’s personnel to operate productively, as well as ensuring that the necessary resources are in place to execute our clients’ expectations. 


–  Sort and distribute message in timely manner

– Keeping eye on inventory levels and resolve any shortages.

– Perform receptionist duties as needed.

Phone Number:

+977 9841414658