Kusum Law Firm

Account Officer

Govinda Shrestha

Overview And Experience

Govinda Shrestha - Account Officer

Mr. Govinda Shrestha has been working with Kusum Law Firm since the beginning and has provided service to this firm for 35 years and has become a core part of the organization. As an Account Officer, he is responsible for processing accounts receivable and payable, reconciling general ledgers, and preparing all financial statements which include balance sheets, tax returns, income statements, disbursements of accounts, and profit and loss statements.

Database and Records Management

Mr. Shrestha is also involved in overseeing office records and data handling, which includes managing the office’s filing system, keeping information obtained through queries and client communications, and collecting and distributing incoming and outgoing mail and e-mails.
Besides organizing invoices and handling financial records of the firm, his top priority also includes guaranteeing flawless client interactions.


–  Organize the office and assist colleagues in optimizing operations.

– Create and maintain records to verify information correctness and accuracy of information

–   Meetings and appointments planning and scheduling

–  Resolve office-related issues and respond to requests and complaints.

– Coordination with other departments to ensure that policies are followed

–  Maintain trusting relationships with suppliers, customers, and employees.

Phone Number:

+977 9841415111