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Senior Advocate / Associate

Chakra Bikram Shah

Overview And Experience

Chakra Bikram Shah - Senior Legal Advocate

 Mr. Chakra Bikram Shah, Senior Advocate, is our senior legal associate, has been an attorney at the Kusum Law Firm since 1991.

Mr. Shah advises and consults clients in a variety of practice areas, including Business Law, Family Law, and Criminal Law, on behalf of our law firm.

Mr. Shah is a License Holder of Notary Public who graduated with a Bachelor of Laws degree from Tribhuvan University in Nepal, 1990

He received his L.L.M. Degree from Pune University in India, 1998.

His years of professional and courtroom experience defending clients are not only instructive for other lawyers but also beneficial for the tactical assessment of laws when defending other clients.

Overall, Kusum Law Firm is pleased to have Mr. Chakra Bikram Shah on our team and as a member of our family as we strive to give our clients rightful justice.

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